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Water Resources of New Hampshire and Vermont


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Outreach Product

By Debra H. Foster, Tatianna N. Batorfalvy, and Laura Medalie


This is a html version of the introduction and table of contents.  The full report is available as an Adobe Acrobat Reader portable document format (pdf) file or a LizardTech DjVu document. Scroll to the bottom of this page for download options.


Water-use data are collected and compiled every 5 years by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. This activities guide was created to bring this information to educators of upper elementary and middle school students throughout the State. The activities in this guide book encourage the development of skills that are recommended by the New Hampshire Department of Education curriculum frameworks.

How to Use this Guidebook

The following pages and the accompanying map poster were developed to teach students in New Hampshire about the watershed they live in, how watershed boundaries are determined, and how water is used in the 12 largest watersheds in the state. The watershed map on the poster shows topographic relief and major rivers and lakes. Watersheds are named for the major river draining each watershed. The town map included on the poster shows town boundaries, watershed boundaries, and major rivers and lakes. Using both maps, tables1 and 2, and activities 1-4, students will learn about water use in their town and State. Helpful Hints for Educators on pages 9 and 10 contain answers and suggestions for each activity.

Several of the activities included in this booklet are designed to be used in a classroom setting where more time can be spent on water-use questions and discussions. Activities are suggested as general guidelines to provide the flexibility often needed in classrooms. These activities can be used to supplement an existing water resources curriculum and are not meant to be inclusive on the topic of water use. The data in tables 1 and 2 are from USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 97-4179, titled "Estimated Water Withdrawals and Use in New Hampshire, 1995.

As a supplement to this booklet, the USGS poster titled "Water: The Resource that gets Used and Used for Everything" would be useful in illustrating the various water uses. The colorful poster is drawn with cartoon-like characters and can be used with the graphics in Activity 2 to illustrate the six water-use categories. Ordering instructions for the poster can be found in the section U.S. Geological Survey Educational Resources.

Table of Contents
     How to Use this Guidebook
     Skills Used by Students
     Mission of the U.S. Geological Survey
Water Use
Purpose of Water-Use Data
Water-Use Definitions
Water-Use Categories
Selected Water-Resources References
U.S. Geological Survey Educational Resources
         GEO CENTER
                Stratified-Drift Aquifers in New Hampshire
                Water Posters
                Water Jeopardy Game
Other Water-Resources Educational Materials
How Much is a Million Gallons of Water?
Helpful Hints for Educators
         1. Identify your Watershed
                Challenge Questions .
         2. Water-use Categories Word Match
         3. Water Use in New Hampshire in 1995
         4. Water-Use Word Search
Useful USGS Web Sites

1. Population by watershed in New Hampshire, 1995
2. Water use by category in major watersheds in New Hampshire in 1995

Poster of major watersheds and town boundaries in New Hampshire (in map jacket)


Adobe Acrobat PDF format

The guidebook of text and activities (without the poster) is available in PDF format. This document requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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2. Click here to open the Water Use in New Hampshire PDF file (size 316 KB)

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LizardTech DjVu format

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Hints for printing the watershed poster: The map measures 29" x 37", so a large-format printer (plotter) is required to print the poster at full size. Go to the last page of the document (page 20) and use the printer button in the plug-in toolbar. Choose a large-format printer, set the page size to E sheet or another size which accomodates 29" x 37", print the page range "from 20 to 20", and set the radio button to "Orig. Size". (The poster may also be printed to any page size using the "fit to page" option.)

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If you have questions about this product, please contact Debra Foster:
Phone: 603-226-7837

Suggested Citation:
Foster, D.H., Batorfalvy, T.N., and Medalie, Laura, 2000, Water use in New Hampshire: An activities guide for teachers: U.S. Geological Survey outreach product, 1 map, 17 p.

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