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Water Resources of New Hampshire and Vermont
Englesby Brook, Burlington, Vermont:
streamflow and water quality

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Done in collaboration with:
State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and the City of Burlington

Picture of a concrete control and v-notched, sharp-crested weir about 1200 feet up stream of Englesby Brook's outlet to Lake Champlain.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Urban Best Management Practices in Improving Water Quality of Englesby Brook, Burlington, Vermont - FS-114-00

The City of Burlington will be leading a clean up effort for the Englesby Brook watershed over the next 5 years as part of the Pine Street Barge Canal Superfund agreement. The cleanup measures will include erosion control, stormwater treatment, and source control. The USGS, in cooperation with the City of Burlington and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, will be monitoring the effectiveness of the cleanup effort. Specifically, we will be assessing changes in water quality of the water flowing to Lake Champlain.

Site Location:
The Englesby Brook watershed is a small (0.9 square miles) basin located entirely in the urban areas of Burlington and South Burlington, Vermont. The USGS monitoring station is close to the mouth of the stream where it enters Lake Champlain at Blanchard Beach.
A map of the Englesby Brook study area.

Monitoring streamflow:
The USGS has installed a concrete weir, as shown in the photo, to create a controlled stream channel for measuring streamflow volume (termed "discharge"). Stage is the depth of water in the pool created behind the weir. Stage is related to discharge by a formula based on channel and weir geometry. By measuring stage in the pool at 15-minute intervals, we have an almost continuous measure of discharge.

Monitoring water quality:
Two instruments monitor water quality in Englesby Brook. The first is a meter which provides hourly pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, and turbidity data. The second is an automated sampler which collects water samples into bottles for later analysis of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Laboratory. The sampler is triggered to collect a sample when a specified water level or "stage" has been measured in the weir pool. The water quality and streamflow instruments "talk" to each other through a data logger.

Real-time streamflow and water-quality data

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