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The surface-water trends component of NAWQA is intended to identify significant time trends in water-quality conditions in streams through long-term monitoring, from Water Year 2002 through Water Year 2012. This monitoring should enable resource managers and policymakers to assess factors relating to trends in water quality, such as changes in land use patterns and growth, agricultural practices, and best management practices (BMPs) and conservation programs. Following the 3-year (1999-2001) high-intensity data-collection phase of Cycle I, low-intensity sampling was conducted at 4 NECB surface-water sites from October 2001 to October 2004. Starting in Water Year 2005, one surface-water trend station (the Charles River site) is being sampled.

Stillwater River near Sterling, Mass. -- 01095220: Reference site in Boston metropolitan area (2 percent urban); beaver dams upstream, drains to Wachusetts Reservoir. Trend station from October 2001 to October 2004.

Merrimack River at Lowell, Mass. -- 01100000: River is affected by large number of municipal sewage treatment facilities and dams. Streamflows are heavily regulated. Trend station from October 2001 to October 2004.

Aberjona River at Winchester, Mass. 01102500: This watershed has no major point sources but numerous Superfund and RCRA/CERLA sites from old industries. There are a number of small impoundments upstream from monitoring site. Trend station from October 2001 to October 2004.

Charles River above Watertown Dam at Watertown, Mass. -- 01104615: The largest river draining Boston, Massachusetts. There are minimal point source contributions upstream of sampling location (treated wastewaters are regionalized and discharged offshore in the Atlantic Ocean). Trend station from October 2001 to present. Starting in Water Year 2007, this river will be sampled about 21 times per year, but only every fourth year. After 2007, the next sample year for the Charles River will be Water Year 2011.

Nutrient, pesticide, sulfate and chloride wq data swtrend9.xls
Chlorophyll and periphyton biomass data swtrendD.xls

1 Data for the macroinvertebrate and fish community surveys are available from the NAWQA Data Warehouse


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