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News Release, August 19, 2014
A Decade of Water Science: USGS Helps Assess Water Resources in Afghanistan

Small image of report -- Click to view reportFor the past decade, scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey have shared their expertise with the Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) in efforts to build an inventory of Afghanistan's water resources. A new fact sheet details how these efforts help the country quantify and monitor its water resource.

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Recently Released Reports:
NEW: Environmental Geochemistry and Health: Geospatial association between adverse birth outcomes and arsenic in groundwater in New Hampshire, USA Small image of report -- Click to view report
NEW: USGS Open-File Report 2014–1184: Use of acoustic backscatter to estimate continuous suspended sediment and phosphorus concentrations in the Barton River, northern Vermont, 2010–2013 Small image of report -- Click to view report
USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2014–5163: Assessment of the spatial extent and height of flooding in Lake Champlain during May 2011, using satellite remote sensing and ground-based information Small image of report -- Click to view report
USGS Open-File Report 2014–1209: Concentration and flux of total and dissolved phosphorus, total nitrogen, chloride, and total suspended solids for monitored tributaries of Lake Champlain, 1990–2012 Small image of report -- Click to view report
USGS Fact Sheet 20143068: Water Resources Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Afghanistan From 2004 Through 2014 Small image of report -- Click to view report


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